As plastic surgery has evolved throughout the years, it has climaxed in the art and science of shaping the human form. The practice of Dr. Teresa Elliott focuses on the cosmetic branch of Plastic Surgery for enhancement of body image. Our website is designed to introduce you to our practice, and the wide variety of cosmetic procedures we offer. As you visit our site, it is our wish that you experience the attributes, which we feel make us unique.

Our practice includes but is not limited to:

Body Contouring Surgery

-Tummy tuck
Cosmetic Breast Surgery

-Breast Lift
-Breast Reduction
Cosmetic Facial Surgery

-Brow Lift
-Eyelid lift
-Face Lift
-Neck Lift
Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

-Chemical Peels
-Fat Injection

Reasons why you should choose Dr. Teresa M. Elliott:
  • Our staff is courteous, knowledgeable and available.
  • We see limited numbers of consultations each day so you will never feel rushed.
  • Your consultation is an hour-long, one on one interaction with Dr. Elliott.
  • We believe informed patients make the best decisions.
  • Once you have scheduled surgery, a pre-operative visit will be arranged where any additional questions will be answered.
  • We make each visit to our practice a pleasant experience.
  • Safety and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

Dr. Elliott customizes surgery for the patient's needs.